Welcome to The Playful Pear: Where Luxury Sparkles with Personality!

Welcome to The Playful Pear: Where Luxury Sparkles with Personality!


Hey there, lovely souls! Welcome to The Playful Pear, where the glitz and glam of burlesque, festivals, and cabaret come alive in handcrafted luxury accessories! I'm Lila, the proud creator and mischief-maker behind The Playful Pear, and I'm beyond thrilled to take you on a dazzling adventure through the world of high-end burlesque and festival fashion - Handcrafted nipple pasties, nipple tassels, merkins, headpieces and costumes.

Let's Dive In

Picture this: a world where every accessory is a shimmering masterpiece, lovingly crafted with grade-A glass rhinestones and beads, just for you! Here at The Playful Pear, I pour my heart and soul into each piece, infusing them with a dash of sparkle and a whole lot of sass. Why settle for ordinary when you can dazzle with extraordinary?


Pineapple Nipple Pasties by The Playful Pear
Carnival Collection Illusion Nipple Tassels by The Playful Pear Golden Cupid Burlesque Merkin Set by The Playful Pear
Pineapple Nipple Pasties Carnival Collection Nipple Pasties Golden Cupid Merkin Set


 Dark Witch Crown Headpiece by The Playful Pear Burlesque Feather Fans by The Playful Pear Burlesque Costumes at The Playful Pear
Headpieces Burlesque Feather Fans Burlesque Costumes


What Sets Us Apart

Sure, you can find accessories anywhere, but what makes The Playful Pear truly shine is the heart and soul behind each creation. As a one-woman show, I'm not just the designer – I'm the dreamer, the creator, and the ultimate mischief-maker! Every accessory is a labor of love, born from my passion for performance and my unwavering commitment to quality.

Express Yourself, Unapologetically

Whether you're strutting your stuff on stage, dancing 'til dawn at festivals, or simply embracing your inner diva, The Playful Pear has something special just for you. From dazzling pasties that command attention to tassels that twirl with abandon, each accessory is a celebration of your unique style and spirit. So go ahead, darlings – embrace your quirks, flaunt your flair, and let your light shine bright!

Behind the Curtain

Curious about the magic that happens behind the scenes? Well, darling, you're in for a treat! As a former performer turned artisan, I know a thing or two about stealing the spotlight. With each design, I channel my passion for performance and my love for all things sparkly, creating accessories that are as enchanting as they are unforgettable.

Join the Party

At The Playful Pear, we're more than just accessories – we're a vibrant community of mischief-makers and magic-seekers, all bound by our love for glitter and glamour. Join us as we dive into exclusive interviews with performers, share insider tips and tricks for pasties and tassels, and uncover the secrets behind each shimmering masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a curious soul, you're always welcome here!

And there you have it, my darlings – a sparkling introduction to The Playful Pear, where luxury meets personality, and every accessory tells a story. So grab your glitter, strike a pose, and let's make some magic together! Welcome to The Playful Pear – where the adventure never ends, and the sparkle never fades.



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